How a Rice Cooker Made All the Difference to Us

When we had to move to Arizona temporarily for a few months with my husband, having been offered a short-term assignment to firewall the computers of his branch office in Tucson, we decided to move to a furnished apartment so we didn’t have to carry all our stuff from New York and cart them 3500 kms across the country. It was an assignment for just a short period, and we would be back home before Christmas anyway.
rice (1)
So we just packed in a few essentials and left the day after Labor Day. By the time we got in Tucson, it was late evening. We had a quick meal on the way to our apartment, and got into the apartment around midnight. The living room was okay and the bedroom large enough, but the shocker was the kitchen. It barely had a 5′x3′ platform to do the entire cooking including chopping vegetables. There was not enough space to squeeze in a gas oven, microwave and a chopping board together. There was a small utensil closet hung on the side wall, and that further restricted movement around the kitchen. I needed an easier way to cook. The dining table had a power point nearby, so a toaster could be placed on top of the dining table and we still could have a proper breakfast of toasts and cereals. But what about lunch and dinner?

That’s when Paul said that why don’t we get a rice cooker and use the plug point to cook rice on the table. I thought that was brilliant, and immediately started looking for one. As usual, I went online. I had so many options to choose from, and nearly all of them provided the same features. So I narrowed down my search to product reviews at the best rice cooker website. I finally located one, the Zojirushi rice cooker, that had rave reviews and was also well within my budget. Before purchasing it though, I called up my mother in San Francisco to ask her if she knew anything about rice cookers. She said that she was gifted a Panasonic rice cooker a decade back by my dad during their 40th marriage anniversary, and has been using it nearly everyday since. She also told me that the Zojirushi rice cooker, Panasonic rice cooker and the Aroma rice cooker were equally good models and I could buy any one of them. I decided to buy the Zojirushi rice cooker, which arrived the next day, and I started using it that evening onward.

Paul’s assignment got over well before Christmas and we were back home to New York by the first week of December. We left nearly everything behind, but carried the rice cooker back with us. It has been two years now since our move to Tucson, and we still use the rice cooker occasionally whenever we want to have curry and rice. I simply have to put rice in a container and fill it with the required amount of water. I then put the cooker in the cook mode, and the rest is done by the rice cooker. It switches over to the keep warm mode after the rice is done, and even if we want to have the meal a few hours later, the rice is still warm and steaming. It adds all the more fun to having that Indian curry that Paul says I cook so well.