A Good Air Mattress Makes A Difference

Outdoor activities will push the limits of your endurance. In my experience, sleeping outdoors means that I should always bring the Intex Air Mattress, this is a good air mattress for camping. Climbing a majestic mountain is one of the most rewarding experiences for outdoors men. Climbing mountains with an elevation that is hundreds of feet above-sea level can be a backbreaking endeavor and will surely test your limits. The lung-busting climb is nevertheless rewarded by the experience of seeing wild flowers and multi-colored insects. Even before reaching the summit, the climb is made memorable when hikers stop to eat lunch. Depending on the location, hikers will experience the thrill of eating their meals while surrounded by a spectacular view no five star restaurant can duplicate.


When reaching the summit, there are no words to describe the beauty of the nature. After spending several hours enjoying the feeling of being on top of the world, fading light forces the hikers to descend and find a suitable place to establish camp. Hikers will need suitable cover against the biting cold winds when temperature drops at night. Setting up the tent is of primary importance. It is also imperative to build a fire. Warding off wild animals is made easier when a bonfire is lit all night long. The heat and the light will lift up the spirits of overworked adventurers seeking rest. But when it is time to sleep first time hikers will soon find out that the tent flooring does not provide ample cushion for small rocks and uneven ground under it. When sleeping outdoors, it is always a great idea to bring a good queen or king size air mattress.

The best mattress you will need a durable mattress but at the same time you need to consider the weight. I always bring the Intex air mattress that weighs only 7 pounds. It comes with a lightweight battery-powered pump. When you are bone tired after a whole day of walking you have neither time nor the energy to fix an air mattress that needs to be manually inflated. The powerful battery-powered inflating machine can inflate my mattress in 2 minutes or less. I love the inner-wave beam design of my mattress because it adds extra cushion and provides a good separation between the hard ground and my back. The importance of a good air mattress is only realized when you are on top of the mountain and you cannot sleep because of discomfort and muscle ache. A comfortable bed will help you get the good night’s rest that you deserve. Waking up after a wonderful hiking experience makes me appreciate the beauty of nature even more. I am grateful that my air mattress deflates quickly making it easy to put it away. I usually take care of the mattress first before I fix breakfast.

After eating breakfast and after cleaning the utensils, the tents are folded. And then, it is time to go down the mountain and back to the grind of everyday life. But I am thankful that I was able to get away for a few days. Learn the ideas of getting a perfect air mattress here.

I wake with the thought of rich foamy latte

I am finicky about how coffee is prepared. I prefer it to have rich creamy frothy layer and relish the latte like a cat, shamelessly licking all the corners of my mouth. The thought of such a cup before me is my idea of bliss, at least bliss in the mornings. But I am serious.


What makes me get out of bed are not the lined up chores I have to do in the day but the coffee with almost 2 inch latte that I am able to make each day right at home with my best espresso machine. This machine has made me realize how much Starbucks has fleeced me over a decade or more. I cringe at the thought because I could do with that money you know. I know savings would only have been half of it, since I did not drink such coffee everyday. We used to visit the coffee shop near the theater as a ritual, every third day. But think about it. I would not have spent on gas to go there. I could have saved on time as well.

To think that I merely chanced upon this best espresso machine may seem funny to you considering my love for espresso coffees. But that is the truth. I was actually looking for a nice toaster because the one I have even now started acquiring some airs, I mean it did trouble me a couple of times though it is more disciplined now. I was not even serious about any purchase. It was essentially something I was doing because I had time on my hands and if I remember right, I was waiting for one of my friends to join me. Amazon has this list of “customers who viewed this item also viewed”. And there was this espresso machine staring at me as if telling me “Are you going to buy me or what?”. I read the espresso maker reviews, of course. That is prudent and expected of anybody who claims to be educated. But to be honest, I had made up my mind the moment I saw it, without even knowing its capabilities. Sometimes hunches pay off, and that hunch of mine did. Its been four years, and I have not had a moment of regret. Gone are those traditional ways of preparing coffee and rare espressos at home. The work is faster, and I can afford to linger on in the bed for a few moments because of this fast working reliable little genie.

Finding the Right Kitchen Knives for Your Kitchen

As sure as the old adage goes “a chef without his knife is like a man is like a potter without his clay” a knives are a great necessity in my kitchen. I pride myself in being a bit of a chef so am always on the look out for highest rated kitchen knives whenever I go crockery shopping. The year being 2015 knives now come in all shapes and sizes suiting their various uses and needs.


The two main things I consider when am buying kitchen knives is the functionality and the material. The material used in a knife has a lot to do with the knife’s expected durability. I love high carbon stainless steel material on my knives because this is considered the best quality knife material. These knives are from a combination of high carbon steel and stainless steel knives. High carbon steel knives are however the most popular knives as they are quite affordable and have been around for the longest time. I find these knives to however be very brittle and prone rust. Stainless steel knives are of a better quality but they are difficult to sharpen when they become blunt. Other knife material I sometimes use includes titanium, ceramic and plastic.

Whenever I buy a knife due to its functionality I consider the design of the knife as well as the shape of the blade. The chef’s knife is the most common knife in my kitchen. I use it to cut and chop up almost anything in the kitchen.This knife’s blade is normally broad and comes in lengths of between 6 to 12 inches. A utility knife is used for miscellaneous cutting and comes with a plain serrated blade that is medium sized.It is for mainly cutting sandwich meat or vegetables. The pairing knife is also very important in my kitchen. These knives come in different designs each performing a distinct function. These knives have a small blade normally 3 to 4 inches long tapering to a point. The cleaver knife is the most wide bladed knife in the kitchen. Its main function is to cut meat and poultry.It is quite thick making it ideal for chopping.

I have two little secrets to extend the lifespan of my knives I just ensure they are always sharp and I wash them by hand so that the blade is not affected by intense temperature changes from using a dishwasher.

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An effective shopping guide for cookware

cookwareFor 15 years, I have been in the business of supplying cookware to households and enterprises, including restaurants. I began by setting up a physical store where customers would walk in and choose what they liked. One of the things that I easily and quickly observed is the confusion in the eyes of my walk in clients whenever they needed to choose between two brands or types of a given cookware. That is when I needed to come in and explain the differences and the similarities in order to simplify their decision-making.

Over time, my business has become purely online, thanks to the advanced technology. My mobile friendly e-commerce site displays a vast array of cookware for my clients to choose. I decided to offer my clients variety in order to serve the needs of nearly everyone who wishes to make a purchase. When they are trying to determine or rather understand how to select cookware, my customers often gets confused as well as overwhelmed by the mind-boggling number of options available in the market. While I offer them a lot of choices, it is critical for them to choose what is right for them. More often than not, I double up as a shopping assistant to help my clients choose what is suitable for them.

How do I determine cookware is right for my home? This is a question that I get all the time. Should it be difficult for you to find the most appropriate cookware for your home or business? I am here to make the selection process simpler for you. You just have to consider a few factors, and you are guaranteed of an excellent decision.

First and foremost, establish your budget. Whether you are buying All Clad cookware or Rachael Ray cookware, of utmost importance is to purchase the best cookware set that you can afford- regardless of your price limit. Buying cookware is more like an investment. Chances are, your cookware will remain with you for many years and in some instances, it is handed down to subsequent generations.

Secondly, the material of the cookware is the second most important factor. Choose a set of cookware that is made of an excellent heat conductor. This will go a long way in assisting you get even heat. Additionally, the material of the selected cookware shouldn’t react with food. Materials used include copper, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum. Ensure to evaluate the pros and cons of each of them as well as price before making the final decision.

Lastly, determine your type of cooking if you don’t know already. It is imperative as far as finding the right cookware set is concerned. For instance, do you usually engage in a lot of deglazing and searing? If yes, then you might want to consider investing in cookware made of stainless steel. If you normally do a lot of stir frying, choose cast iron. For purposes of boiling, a stainless steel stock pot is will simply do.

How a Rice Cooker Made All the Difference to Us

When we had to move to Arizona temporarily for a few months with my husband, having been offered a short-term assignment to firewall the computers of his branch office in Tucson, we decided to move to a furnished apartment so we didn’t have to carry all our stuff from New York and cart them 3500 kms across the country. It was an assignment for just a short period, and we would be back home before Christmas anyway.
rice (1)
So we just packed in a few essentials and left the day after Labor Day. By the time we got in Tucson, it was late evening. We had a quick meal on the way to our apartment, and got into the apartment around midnight. The living room was okay and the bedroom large enough, but the shocker was the kitchen. It barely had a 5′x3′ platform to do the entire cooking including chopping vegetables. There was not enough space to squeeze in a gas oven, microwave and a chopping board together. There was a small utensil closet hung on the side wall, and that further restricted movement around the kitchen. I needed an easier way to cook. The dining table had a power point nearby, so a toaster could be placed on top of the dining table and we still could have a proper breakfast of toasts and cereals. But what about lunch and dinner?

That’s when Paul said that why don’t we get a rice cooker and use the plug point to cook rice on the table. I thought that was brilliant, and immediately started looking for one. As usual, I went online. I had so many options to choose from, and nearly all of them provided the same features. So I narrowed down my search to product reviews at the best rice cooker website. I finally located one, the Zojirushi rice cooker, that had rave reviews and was also well within my budget. Before purchasing it though, I called up my mother in San Francisco to ask her if she knew anything about rice cookers. She said that she was gifted a Panasonic rice cooker a decade back by my dad during their 40th marriage anniversary, and has been using it nearly everyday since. She also told me that the Zojirushi rice cooker, Panasonic rice cooker and the Aroma rice cooker were equally good models and I could buy any one of them. I decided to buy the Zojirushi rice cooker, which arrived the next day, and I started using it that evening onward.

Paul’s assignment got over well before Christmas and we were back home to New York by the first week of December. We left nearly everything behind, but carried the rice cooker back with us. It has been two years now since our move to Tucson, and we still use the rice cooker occasionally whenever we want to have curry and rice. I simply have to put rice in a container and fill it with the required amount of water. I then put the cooker in the cook mode, and the rest is done by the rice cooker. It switches over to the keep warm mode after the rice is done, and even if we want to have the meal a few hours later, the rice is still warm and steaming. It adds all the more fun to having that Indian curry that Paul says I cook so well.